YOU ARE MY SPARKLY MERMAID is here! June 3, 2021 01:29

Sitting here with a broken ankle (more about that later) as I write to you with the exciting announcement that my latest board book (my 29th!), YOU ARE MY SPARKLY MERMAID, splashed into the world this week! A magical ode to believing in yourself, with a dazzling mermaid twist, follow two mermaids and a merboy as they "Swim and dive. Soar and thrive." The perfect book to kick off the start of a magical summer with all the special merbabies in your life.

you are my sparkly mermaid book

A sneak peek at a couple of my favorite spreads in the book:
sparkly mermaid1
sparkly mermaid 2

YOU ARE MY SPARKLY MERMAID is available wherever books are sold including:

Bookshop (a percentage of all sales on support indie bookstores)
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository (free worldwide delivery)

If you are interested in signed copies of any of my books, feel free to reach out to my local bookstore The Curious Reader.

So, back to the less glamorous news about my ankle! About a week and a half ago, I slipped coming down the stairs from my studio, rolled my right ankle, and broke my fibula bone. 😩 After 3 hours of surgery, 1 metal plate, and 8 screws later--I'm one step closer to becoming a bionic woman! Recovery is going to take at least 6 weeks (no weight bearing on the broken ankle) 😭 and then physical therapy. Moral of the story: slow down. Those of you who already know about this through social media, I appreciate all of your your positive thoughts and well-wishes. 
broken ankle

Thank you all for continuing to support my work and helping me live my dream every day. I appreciate you all so much! As things start to open up again, hoping to see you in-person at a book festival or conference someday soon.