Here you will find printables and teacher's guides based on Joyce Wan's art and books for you to enjoy. Have fun! *Printables are for personal or non-profit use only. Credit not required, but appreciated. 

Pug Meets Pig - Teacher's Guide
Pug Meets Pig - Activity Kit

Peep and Egg:
I'm Not Trick-or-treating - 
Classroom Guide

Peep and Egg: I'm Not Hatching - Teacher's Guide
peep and egg teachers guide
Peep and Egg: I'm Not Hatching - Activity Kit
peep and egg activity kit
Whale In My Swimming
Pool - Teacher's Guide

Whale In My Swimming Pool - Coloring Sheet
Sleepyheads -
Teacher's Guide

Sleepyheads - 
Draw the Stars & Moon
Sleepyheads - 
Coloring Sheet
Frog & Friends - 
Draw the Frog
Owl & Friends - 
Draw the Owl
You Are My Cupcake - 
Decorate the Cupcake
We Belong Together -  
Find the Matching Pairs
Kiwi & Pear in Paris - 
Coloring Sheet

Kiwi & Pear in Japan - 
Coloring Sheet
Chinese Zodiac - 
Coloring Sheet