Happy Year of the Dog February 16, 2018 16:01

Happy Lunar New Year! February 16th marks the start of the Lunar New Year as well as the Year of the Dog. For the Chinese in particular, the Lunar New Year is celebrated with big family dinners, the exchange of "lucky money" contained in red envelopes, and vibrant, lively festivals with lion dancing and firecrackers. The lunar calendar is based upon the cycles of the moon and has 12 animals signs, one to represent each year of the cycle. The Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese Zodiac with the others being the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, and Pig. 

According to Chinese tradition, a person’s birth sign has a profound influence on personality and destiny. People born in the Year of the Dog are brave, independent, loyal, and decisive. Once they decide on something, no one can persuade them against it. On the negative side, Dogs can be overly critical, self-righteous, and stubborn.

Notable people born in the Year of the Dog include Prince William, Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, Madonna, Dolly Parton, Angela Bassett, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Kevin Bacon, Stephen Shaskan, Liza Minelli, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Susan Sarandon, Giorgio Armani, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Don't know what zodiac sign you are? Look it up on this guide I created here: 

Please note that if you were born in the month of January or February you may actually be the previous year's sign as the start of the Lunar New Year falls on a different day every year. Refer to the chart at this link to confirm which sign you are if you are a January birthday: http://bit.ly/2BxnDug

For the wee ones, download a printable zodiac coloring sheet/placemat that I created here.  Another fun and simple way to introduce young children to the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac is with my board book, My Lucky Little Dragon.

my lucky little dragon

Just some quick updates:

Peep and Egg: I’m Not Using the Potty, the fourth book in the Peep and Egg series is now available! In this book, Egg does not want to use the potty, however, when things start to get a little uncomfortable, Egg realizes that when nature calls, sometimes you can't say no. The perfect book for all your potty-goers in training. Be sure to check out the other books in the Peep and Egg series if you haven't already.

peep and egg potty    

Count My Cupcakes 123 will be out April 24th. Featuring touch-and-feel cupcakes and a host of other yummy characters like a twirling ice cream cone and a rolling donut, readers learn to count from one to five!
count my cupcakes

The Bear In My Bed will be out in June 5th and it picks right up where The Whale In My Swimming Pool left off. This story follows a young boy as he tackles his bedtime routine with an unexpected visitor. 
bear in my bed

Wishing you happiness, prosperity, and good fortune! CHEERS!