Please Help Me Support Smile Train September 16, 2014 15:30

***UPDATE*** The draw-a-thon was a huge success. We raised over $12,000 to support Smile Train which is double the previous years fundraisers. THANK YOU to those of you who helped us support such an amazing cause. Because of you, dozens of children in developing countries will get a second chance at a better life. All of this GOOD that came out of something so heartbreaking has been healing and I really do appreciate all your support this past year. Here's a link to see some of the amazing art that was produced: ***

Some of you may know that in February of this year I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Evelyn, who was born with a cleft lip and palette. Unfortunately, Evelyn passed away 6 weeks after she was born due to an undetected abdominal anomaly and she never had a chance to get her surgeries (the first of which would have occurred at 10 weeks old). I will be participating in a draw-a-thon that is being hosted by a friend who runs a design studio in Brooklyn called Orange You Glad. They host a draw-a-thon every year to support a good cause and she has helped raised thousands for a food bank in 2012 and a no-kill animal shelter in 2013. This year they will be supporting Smile Train in memory of Evelyn.

Donate ($25 or more), Tell us What Makes You Smile, and one of the amazing artists contributing their time and talents (I'll be drawing too!) will draw it for you on Friday, October 3rd. Get a lovely, little piece of original art while supporting a wonderful cause.

Donate here and be sure to include a note about What Makes You Smile:

Knowing that Evie's spirit will live on in the lives of these children who will get a chance for a better life is heartwarming and healing. Thank you for your continued support!

{Evelyn Audrey Hsu * 2.07.14 ~ 3.20.14 * forever in our hearts and memories}