New York Comic Con 2012: A Celebration of Pop Culture October 14, 2012 16:44

The New York Comic Con, a pop culture cornucopia that brings together the comic book, movie, music, and TV worlds, descended upon New York City this past weekend. For the first time in it's seven-year history, the convention was sold out with over 115,000 people in attendance. I was lucky enough to nab a professional four-day pass before they were sold out - one of the perks of being an author and teacher. I had such a fun time! Larger-than-life exhibitor booths, installations, and costumed characters filled the show floor. As I was leaving the show Friday night, a 9 foot tall Transformers Bumble Bee came walking up the front door of the Javits (lower-left pic) - just another normal day at the NY Comic Con LOL Costumes galore - I LOVE all the fervent fandom! I don't think you will find a more passionate group of people. Products galore - everything from samurai swords to old-timey aviator goggles and never-ending walls of t-shirts and plush dolls. Comic Con silliness! It wasn't all fun and games - I managed to attend some educational/professional panels on pitching ideas, building community through social media, and making designer toys. I gathered lots of interesting info I can share with my students at SVA. My spoils from the show! (clockwise from top-left) A cotton dress by Pammy Cakes, a Domokun fuzzy backpack, a t-shirt by Ex-Boyfriend, and socks by Shinzi Katoh.