For All You Art Lovers: Photos from The Armory Show 2012 March 12, 2012 16:35 2 Comments

This past weekend I went to The Armory Show, an international contemporary art fair and one of of the most important annual art events in New York. The Armory Show featured over 200 leading galleries from around the world displaying some of the most notable in contemporary and modern art, all for sale! I saw art that was big, conceptual, bright, awe-inspiring, innovative, bizarre and playful -- a visual cornucopia of colors, textures and materials! Since my bank account can't quite support an Andy Warhol, I went more to window shop. Here are some pieces which particularly caught my eye -- hope they inspire you like they inspired me! You can't tell here but these photographs by Andres Serrano using silhouettes of staged toy figures were big - about 4.5 ft tall by 5.5 ft wide! I was especially delighted to see work by one of my favorite artists, Yoshitomo Nara. There were even pieces by Pablo Picasso! And Keith Haring! Believe it or not this piece is made of cast resin (looks like stuffed garbage bags doesn't it?)! This one is by the always bewildering Marina Abramovic, I wonder if the person comes with this piece? LOL Andy Warhol - I'll take 3, please! ;)