Kiwi and Pear's Balloon Adventure App - NOW LIVE on iTunes! September 15, 2011 01:00

I am pleased to announce the release of Kiwi and Pear's Balloon Adventure App for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad - our latest collaboration with the wonderful people at New York-based independent iPhone and Casual Games development studio Zephyr Games.


Kiwi and Pear’s Balloon Adventure is a fun and fast paced arcade game that allows you to join Kiwi and Pear as they explore the skies in their balloon. Using the tilt feature on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, help Kiwi and Pear avoid obstacles such as angry thunder clouds and pickup points, hearts, and speed boosts as they fly up into the stratosphere. Complete game center integration with leaderboards and achievements, and 4 different zones to explore during your adventure into the skies!


Become an aerial explorer, flying through the skies and racking up the highest score you can! Available on iTunes now for only $0.99.


Download the game, rate the app, and leave a comment! We need each and every iTunes review and positive comment we can get! The more ratings we get in iTunes the higher the game will place! Thank you for your continued support! ^_^


View the trailer below:


Checkout more screen shots below:





xoxo Joyce