Greeting Card Course at The School of Visual Arts, NYC September 17, 2010 15:44 1 Comment


I just found out I will be teaching a continuing education class at the School of Visual Arts for the Fall semester! For any of you in the NY area who may be interested in creating/marketing/distributing your own greeting card/product line, this would be a great class to take! Classes start next Tuesday, September 21! The details are as follows:


Course title: Greeting Card Design Code: ILC-2797-A Meeting Day: Tuesday Start date: 9/21/10 End date: 12/7/10 Class hours: 06:30PM - 09:00PM Location: New York City


This course will prepare students for the design, production and marketing of greeting cards and gifts in the "social expression" industry. Drawing skills are required; however, emphasis will be on concepts and ideas. Products will include: greeting cards, wrapping paper, postcards, paper party goods and stationery. We will discuss concept development, contracts, pricing, copyright laws, mass-market sales, freelancing and public relations. Students will complete a mini-collection ready for marketing. Information for card and paper companies, printing demonstrations and an introduction to industry standards and materials will be included, as well as how to prepare finished artwork for printing production. NOTE: Please bring samples of your work to the first session.


I can offer students current, real-world advice on how to effectively manufacture, market, and distribute their own greeting card/product line as well as license their artwork to product manufacturers and the publishing industry.


Having taken this very course seven years ago in addition to a few other SVA courses over the past several years, I believe in the value of continuing education and have experienced first-hand how it can, indeed, enrich one’s life.


Click HERE for a link to the course on the SVA website. Hope to see you there!


xoxo joyce