More Reviews on Greetings from Kiwi and Pear September 8, 2010 17:29 1 Comment


Seems like my summer is ending with quite a bang! Three new wonderful reviews on my book Greetings from Kiwi and Pear just came in within the last few weeks. I provided excerpts for the first two reviews, to read the rest, click on the links to the blogs. For the third I posted the entire review as it went out in an email newsletter.


Michelle Smith from Cute Everything says: "My kids loved the book, reading it over and over, and would come and ask me, “Where’s the monkey book?” And I loved that they were learning about geography, with fun, simple rhymes."


Tee and Teagan from That's IT Mommy says: "Wan’s illustrative style is simple but eye catching. The two monkeys, Kiwi and Pear travel to far off places such as Paris and India to visit worldly landmarks."


Author & Award-Winning Storyteller Dianne de Las Casas from The Story Connection says: "This is a cute and cuddly book about friendship. Kiwi and Pear are two adorable, inseparable monkeys. They travel around the world, visiting a Mayan ruin in Mexico, boating down the Amazon in South America, biking in front of the Eiffel Tower in France, riding through Venice on a gondola, and visiting many other exotic locales. But of course, no matter how far away they roam, there’s no place like home… I am in love with Kiwi and Pear. The simple rhyme scheme makes the story accessible to little ones while the colorful art and precious monkeys make the book accessible to everyone. The book even comes with stickers and a fold-out world map. It’s a perfect book to start the school year with – a combination of social studies and science all wrapped in the irresistible gift of friendship. Although this is Joyce Wan’s first picture book, she has been in the gift industry for years. In fact, Kiwi and Pear began their journey as greeting cards. You can even send a free email greeting card right from the Kiwi and Pear website!"


Thanks Michelle, Tee & Teagan and Dianne!


Hope you all are enjoying your final days of summer. Wishing all the little kiddies well as they head back to school! :)


xoxo joyce