Drawing Again May 24, 2010 12:01

There's a SCBWI New Jersey Chapter conference in a couple of weeks. These conferences are great as we get to take workshops on a variety of book topics as well as sign up for a one-on-one critique on a manuscript with an editor or literary agent! They also get me motivated to work on new creative stuff. I don't know about you but I always need to create artificial "deadlines" to get things done - especially the creative stuff. This became increasingly neccessary as my company wanart grew and all the administrative duties that went along with that started to grow as well. Tradeshows and classes are also other really good motivators. Anyway, I've started drawing again! These are just sketches at this point but they go with a manuscript that I'm getting a critique on for the conference. My usual method is to draw/sketch on paper, scan, then take it into Illustrator to color. If you're familiar with my work - it's typically very flat but I really got into these sketches and they are more "rendered" than normal.