The 25th Annual Brazilian Day Festival September 6, 2009 23:11

I went to the 25th Annual Brazillian Day Festival in New York City today - it was a gorgeous day and it was PACKED with people! It was on on 6th Ave. from 42nd to 56th St. & on 46th St. from Madison to 7th Ave. Lots of foods and the usual vendors. What really caught my eye was the Colombian style bbq we discovered there: Share photos on twitter with Twitpic The banner read carne a la llanera which I found out later means "meat flat plain style" This traditional way of cooking meat is specific to the region of Los Llanos meaning the flat plains situated at the east Andes in Northwestern Colombia & Venezuela. Since colonial time this region is famous for herding millions of heads of cattle. Their cowboys are called los llaneros. I believe the technique used above is made for street cooking situation. In rural settings it looks like a fire is made on the ground. Then large pieces of beef are skewered to large sticks that get planted into the ground. photo linked from:  The meat was served with roasted potatoes, plantains and a spicy, raw cabbage & cilantro salsa-like side. It was SOO juicy, tender and delicious. We washed it down with guarana flavored soda. It was the best street fair food I ever had! Share photos on twitter with Twitpic The vendor is from a restauarant called Rancho Mateo and they have locations in both Patterson and Elizabeth, New Jersey. Looks like I'll have to pay a visit sometime very soon....:)