Busy as a Bee May 20, 2009 13:23

Sorry, I have not been posting much. I've been busy preparing for 2 tradeshows in the next fours weeks - the National Stationery Show which ends today and the Licensing Expo which starts in a couple weeks. The Stationery Show was a dissapointment in terms of sales written at the show but if some of the leads pan out - it can be a great show - probably not record-breaking - but decent. Since I have been exhibiting at that show for the last 6 years, it has shrunken by more than half. I wonder if it is a sign in terms of where the stationery industry is going. However, I do believe that it has been a great way to hone my design skills and to launch my design career. If It hadn't been for my stationery & gift biz, wanart,  there may not have been the opportunity to work on the book. I'm taking my Kiwi and Pear characters to the Licensing Expo this year to see if I can get some feedback, more licensing deals, work on new design projects, or even meet some agents who can help me navigate the licensing world. I'm a little worried about the Licensing Expo being in Las Vegas this year - first time in 20 years apparently! I was hoping i'd meet more publishers - but the publishing industry is in New York not on the West Coast! There's a lot of buzz that moving the Licensing Expo to Las Vegas is a mistake - and a ton of people will not be attending. I guess we'll see. You never know what kinds of oppportunities come your way unless you try. Anyway, off to the last day at the Stationery Show - breakdown and moveout starts at noon. Let's hope it's fast and painless! I will post pictures of my booth soon!